Boat Rescue GamePlay:

Persistent rain for many days, heavy storms, high winds caused the whole city to be flooded. The whole city is submerged in water. Many people are trapped and in danger. As an elite member of the rescue force, it’s up to you to rescue them all and bring them to the safe place. Let’s show off your boat driving skills and go to the position where many people need help.

Boat Rescue is a cool driving game offers 10 levels as 10 different mission. It requires you to drive a boat to rescue people who are in danger, who need help and take them back to the ship and take them to the safe place at y8 games online. You must finish each mission in a certain amount of time. If the time runs out why you don’t finish your mission yet, you have to play that level once again. To go to the dangerous positions where people need help, you must follow the guidance arrow. Otherwise, you will get lost in a large city.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, try your best to drive the canoe to go to pick the people in distress up as fast as you can. Here, you don’t against other players but you are racing against time. Don’t waste any seconds and hurry up to rescue them before it’s too late.

With addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, this game will bring you an unforgettable experience. Good luck! Challenge yourself to another level with Evo-f 2 and Fever For Speed.


Drive and rescue people by using arrow keys.

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