Ambulance Rescue Driver Simulator 2018 GamePlay:

Car accidents appear everywhere, especially in the rush hour. Many people drive at the high speed, pass a red light, or drive drunk. These causes lead to unwanted accidents. Here in Ambulance Rescue Driver Simulator 2018, you are in charge of driving your ambulance to the accidence and save injured people. This is a hard job because if you don’t take action quickly, those injured people may die. At y8 driving games , you need to drive fast but safe. These are 10 levels as 10 missions in this driving simulator game.

You have to succeed in the first mission to unlock the second one and so on. You will drive to the required place following the arrow signs to save your time and perform necessary first aid methods, then take the injured to the hospital. You have 90 seconds in each level to complete your mission. If the time runs out, but you haven’t arrived at the required place yet, you lose and have to play that level once again.

Make sure you drive safely and don’t cause any accident along the way. Remember that you are on the way to save people. On y8 boy games, each case challenges your driving skills and problem-solving skills. Each accident is quite realistic and gives you a different experience. You never feel bored when doing each mission here.

If you are looking for a driving game more than simply driving simulator mission, then this one is worth to try. Or you can deal with more challenges in other awesome games such as Old Country Bus Simulator and Water Bus Island Simulator Have fun!


Use arrow keys to drive and Spacebar to brake.

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