Boat Dash GamePlay:

Boat Dash is simply a boat driving game that everyone can play, even kids. It has simple gameplay and controls. Its gameplay is similar to the endless runner games that y8 fun games offers as you drive your boat as far as possible by avoiding all obstacles along the way. Obstacle types can be rocks, whales, octopus, and more. You have to change to other lanes to keep your life safe from those obstacles and collect coins and some power-ups. Coins are used to unlock new boats and power-ups are useful because it helps you get a high score easier.

There are 5 different boat types. However, their function is the same. They just differ in appearance. To boost your score, you should take advantage of the power-ups that you may collect along the way. Bubbles are used to prevent crashing during a collision and they make you untouchable. It means you won’t die, even you hit any of those obstacles.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, besides bubbles, you also have star badges which increase the speed of your boat. When the effect is happening, you can go through any obstacles without crashing. How far can you ride your boat? Sometimes, you will go into slow-flowing water and sometimes you will go into the fast-flowing water. Fast water is dangerous because it increases your chances of failure. Your hand speed is challenged. Then, the speed of flowing water also affects your performance.

Have a try and you will do great. Have a fun time and many games are waiting for you to explore. If you want to find something worth playing, let’s try out Among Them Craft Mod and Machine Gun Squad

How to play:

Tap or click on each lane.

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