Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters GamePlay:

Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters is an attractive multiplayer game in which you compete against other online players. The rule is simple. Try to become the last man standing in the epic throwing battle. At y8 new games, it’s your main goal and other’s main goal. Many players gather in a random map where they have to fight against each other to survive. You just need to chase a player that has the same size, bing him to the edge of the arena and throw him. Then, you will grow up and can defeat the bigger opponents.

The size is important in this online game. The bigger you are, the easier you win. You can not throw the opponents who are bigger than you are. This game is extremely thrilling and it’s about the chance. You have to take advantage of any chances to beat as many opponents as possible. Positively chase other players, don’t stand still and wait because you’re not safe here.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, the match ends soon and if you win or lose, you will appear on a different map next time. There are many maps to explore and skins to unlock. You will get coins even you lose and you can use coins to unlock new skins, upgrade strength, and more. It helps you a lot in the surviving battles. Although this game is simple, it’s super fun and it suits all ages due to its easy control mechanism.

Sound effects and music make the game even better. So, don’t turn off the music. Good luck and let’s count how many battles you win. Don’t forget to enjoy other games for free on our site such as PillowBattle.io and Animal.io


Use mouse left click to catch and throw your opponents.

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