Fall Red Stickman GamePlay:

Are you looking for a game that can help you release your anger and stress? Welcome to Fall Red Stickman. This is a physical-based action game in which you can torture a ragdoll without any judgment. No one judges you because of what you do in the game. Feel free to hurt the ragdoll until you feel better. So, this Y8y8y8 action game offers 10 levels and actually, it doesn’t require you to finish any mission or reach any achievement. You simply torture the ragdoll by pushing him hard to make him fall.

The more damage he gets, the more points you get and the more stars you earn. You need as many stars as possible to unlock the next level. Besides, stars are used to unlock some items such as a banana peel or a jetpack, or even a bomb to make the ragdoll get more damage. To get enough stars to unlock new levels and new weapons, you can replay any available levels and don’t forget to use a different tool to hurt the stickman, then let’s see how many scores can you get with that. You may feel guilty when you hurt the stickman but you shouldn’t. Why? Because the stickman has no feelings and he has nothing to fight you back against.

It’s just a fun game created to give you a great gaming experience. It has simple gameplay and control mechanics that can be played by anyone. However, it doesn’t suit kids. Hope that you have a great entertaining time here and make sure you dig into the game collections at action games to explore the games that you like or if you don’t have time to find your favorite ones, here are our suggestions for you In Space and Office Conflict.

Instructions: Mouse.

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