Red Key GamePlay:

Red Key is an impressive combination of endless runner game and platform game in which you must jump endlessly to avoid obstacles and get the key in each level to unlock the next one. At y8y8 game y8, you will have to react fastly because your character automatically runs and to help him avoid all dangerous things, he must jump in some platforms and catch the key – the most important factor in the game.

The current level is completed when the red block with an eye gets the key. There are 2 requirements that you have to fulfill to unlock a new level. Firstly, you have to collect at least one item looks like a cookie. Secondly, you have to get the key. Your character will run from left to right and right to left until the key is collected. In each level, when your character dies, that level will restart immediately. The key point to beat a level is to jump at the right time to be safe.

On y8 games, each level is a different challenge to test your patience and flexibility. Good hand-eye coordination is required. Your character runs at high speed and the speed increases as you level up. If you don’t react in time, he will go straight to dangers.

Seize the right time to jump and don’t give up if you fail many times because by playing several times, you will know the key points to win. If you want to embark on other fun adventures like this one, you can jump right into Shishagon and Hamster Grid Even Odd and get started.


Left click to jump.

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