Key Mouse GamePlay:

Key Mouse brings you to a beautiful world where a little cute mouse looking for keys. He can’t run and live without keys. In this y8 y8 y8 games, your mission is to control this mouse robot and collect as many keys as possible. However, the journey isn’t easy as it seems to be because as the game processes, there are so many dangers waiting for him in the front.

You have to help him avoid all of these dangerous things such as the arrows, spinning spike platforms and so on. Your mouse not only loses his life because of them but also the time runs out. Have a look at the top corner of the screen, you will see a time bar. When the time bar is empty, your cutie will die. So, you have to quickly collect the keys to charge this bar fully. Warning: time passes really quick. The control mechanism of the game at y8 games unblocked is simple. You just have to click on the right position, then the mouse will follow. Save his life at all costs.

Don’t let him blow up. Any mistakes will cause the bad result. Dead times are also displayed on the screen. Try your best to keep this number to a minimum. It proves that you are a great player. If you are looking for more games to enrich your game list, then come to y8 2018 games and give Umbrella Falling Guy a try. Have fun!

How to controls:

Use left click to control the mouse.

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