Dino Grass Island GamePlay:

You will make the journey to an island lost in the ocean with only a famous trainer named Jack, under which dinosaurs are supposed to have once lived. Your hero wants to discover dinosaur eggs and toned down them. You will take part them in this adventure in the innovative online game Dino Grass Island at Y8y8 game for boys. Your character will be displayed on the screen directly in front of you, at a precise area on the island.

You will show him which instructions he must continue moving by using the control keys. Grasses of various heights will then be visible along your hero's path. You are going to be charge of the hero, who is going to trim grass with a large knife. After you have completely cleared the area, you will design and build a special paddock on it. Then, walk around in the island to ’ve found the eggs. Vertebrates can be started breeding with them and tamed.

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Controls: Slide to move

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