Island Bombing GamePlay:

Navigate your ship and blast all the islands in the oceans with bombs. Are you ready for some explosions? Come to Island Bombing and start bombing the islands. This is a cool hyper-casual game at Y8 com that keeps you hooked for hours. We’re gonna dig into your main mission right now. So, what is it?

All you need to do is to launch bombs at the right time to blast every single island that appears in front of you. Your ship auto-moves from right to left and from left to right without stopping. You have to time your action to drop a bomb. Do you see a bar at the top of the screen? It’s your health bar. If it turns empty, the game is over. To fill it up, you have to blast the islands. Each exploded island gives you 5 points and makes the HP bar full. If you miss the shot several times in a row, you can’t reach the achievement that you dream of. It sounds super simple. Don't be subjective.

There are so many games having such simple gameplay like this one at https://y8y8y8.games/. However, as time passes, the difficulty level will increase and you will be under more pressure. There is a useful tip that helps you get one shot one kill. Do you want to know? Then, when your ship and the island are parallel, you launch bombs. You will never miss it. Missing one or two shots is fine but you don’t want to miss too many shots for sure.

Keep playing and something fun is waiting for you ahead. Enjoy your free time here and make sure you check out other cool games such as Dalo and Nail Stack!.

Controls: Tap or left-click.

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