Clear the Island GamePlay:

Clear The Island is an exciting game at https://y8y8y8.games/ that helps you release stress effectively due to its simple yet addicting gameplay. You have an unstoppable lawn mower and an island filled with plants. Your target is to mow down all the plants to keep the island clean. Control your lawn mower move around the island and cut off all plants. With arrow keys or the mouse, you can indicate in which direction the lawn mower will move.

Make sure you keep it stay on the island. Be careful when you move it close to the edges of the island. If it drops into water, it will be out of function and you have to restart that level. Cleaning the island on some first levels is simple and easy. As you level up, the difficulty will increase as you and your lawn mower will face a lot of obstacles. If the lawn mower runs into one of those obstacles, it’s also broken.

This Y8 com game offers 39 levels in total. Each level is a busy working day for you. You have to work hard to remove all grass and even trees. Of course, with your original lawn mower, you can’t cut off those trees. That’s why some levels give you a chance to increase the size and power of the lawn mower. When it’s in that mode, it can bypass any obstacles on the island. It means it can destroy anything in its path.

Don’t worry about time because the game doesn’t require you to clear each level within a given time. Have a great gaming time here and feel free to check out other awesome options such as Fairyland Merge & Magic and Meow Meow Life.

How to play: Mouse.

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