Clear The Lot GamePlay:

Are you looking for a fun puzzle game? Here at y8y8y8.games/kids-games, we have a must-tried option for you. It’s about a parking lot filled with cars. Are you curious? Welcome to Clear The Lot. Instead of finding the best way to park your car, you will have to free a parking lot full of cars on each level. However, you must lead each car from the parking lot to the road safely and each car doesn’t crash into any vehicles. There are only 8 levels but that is enough for you to have a great gaming time. Other vehicles are moving on the road.

You have to time your action to make each car in the parking lot move to the road without causing any accidents. How can you do that? It’s a question that you have to find the answer by yourself. You don’t have to clear the mission within a given time; therefore, the best tip here is to wait. Wait for the perfect moment and you can go. At some first levels, the cars from the parking lot just need to turn right when they reach the exit, then they will auto-move to their destination. However, at the later level, those cars have to pass the crossroads.

Besides, the vehicles on the road will move faster and faster as you level. That means there is a higher chance of an accident. Wait until the distance between 2 cars moving on the road is far apart, then tap or click and hold until the car gets out of the parking lot safely. If you want something else as amazing as this Y8y8y8 online game, here are our suggestions for you Idle Hypermart Empire and Pool Party 2.

How to play: Mouse.

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