Mahjong 3D Connect GamePlay:

Mahjong 3D Connect is the latest puzzle game that you can play for free that brings you to the third dimension where you can enjoy the classic mahjong gameplay. It has simple rules and exciting gameplay that keep you hooked for hours. The rules are easy to master. You match 2 cubes of the same type. However, the cubes can be blocked by other cubes on their right and left sides. You should clear the tiles around them first. Spin the whole block to find out the pairs of 2 identical tiles easier.

You have 6 minutes to conquer this game. Your hand-eye coordination will be tested. However, you can earn more time and of course, this game also offers some helping options for you to get out of the risk. You can shuffle the whole block or click or tap on the question mark and 2 tiles will be auto-removed. However, don’t waste these help options because they are limited. Only use them when absolutely necessary. Here at Kids Games, as mentioned previously, you can get extra time in several ways. If you get into the X2 Speed mode, you receive bonus points for a match within 3 seconds of the last match.

With X5 Multimatch Combo mode, you receive bonus points for repeatedly matching the same image. And finally, you will receive a time bonus for finishing a level. With 6 minutes and extra time that you can earn while playing, how many levels can you clear? It’s hard to tell. To find the answer, start the game now and stay focused. Enjoy your gaming time here and make sure you check out other games on our site such as Drac & Franc and Frogtastic. Don’t forget that new games are coming.

How to play: Mouse.

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