Mahjong 3D Candy GamePlay:

If you are bored with the game of connecting the same objects on one screen, then play Mahjong 3D Candy for a whole new experience. In this game, you will also connect the same objects with at least 3 items. However, the interesting thing is that these objects will show up on a Rubik's Cube and you need to rotate the Rubik's Cube continuously to find the same objects. So the difficulty level of this game will increase because everything is not fully visible on the screen. They can be on different sides of the rubik cube, so you may have a hard time finding the same objects.

task is to rotate the faces of the rubik cube continuously and find at least 3 similar objects to connect and help them disappear on the screen. The same blocks will disappear completely and there are no new blocks to replace. After you complete the level, the rubik cubes will change shape, so the difficulty level will increase significantly. Your task is to quickly memorize the position of objects to find other objects and connect them together. With Mahjong 3D Candy, you will have a lot of fun and fun time discovering new games.

Don't forget to try some similar games like My Mini City at kids games. An interesting thing in this game is the extremely vivid disappearing effect. You will feel like everything is falling apart and there are colors everywhere. In each level, you will have a fixed amount of time on the screen. Try to get as many points as you can before time runs out. Are you ready to experience Mahjong 3D Candy? Don't forget to invite your friends and everyone to conquer this game together. Control: You just need to use the mouse to play or directly touch the screen.

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