Brave Warriors GamePlay:

The platform adventure game is one of the most popular genres out there and is played by many players around the world. Brave Warriors is the latest platformer game added to y8 games online. It promises to bring to you an unforgettable gaming experience. Here, you play as a brave worrier as its name and your ultimate goal is to kill all monsters and collect as many coins as possible on every single level. The game offers 6 levels and 2 characters.

After choosing a character, you start with the first level and unlock the second one after completing it. Because this is an action-packed platform adventure game, you have to moving forward and try to kill every monster and collect every coin that you meet along the way. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have 3 hearts in each level and you lose a heart which is life due to several reasons such as fall into the gap, get attacked by monsters, or touch any of those monsters. However, if you think 3 hearts are not enough for you to finish each level, you can earn one more life with each heart you get.

This challenging 2D side-scroller game requires you to collect 3 stars and reach the exit to conquer each level. The theme of the game will change as you level up. You are sure to deal with more challenging obstacles over time. Swing your stick to kill monsters and protect yourself, then keep going ahead and you will reach the final destination.

Enjoy your time here and don’t forget that you can find tons of great options on our site. If it is difficult to choose which game to play first, these are 2 amazing options you should check out: Boat Dash and Among Them Craft Mod


WASD to move and W to attack.

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