Brave Knight Of Epic Fantasy Adventure GamePlay:

Let’s follow the brave knight in Brave Knight Of Epic Fantasy Adventure to discover the castle and embark on an unexpected adventure. This is the latest action and adventure game at Y8 unblocked. Here, you are the brave knight who holds a sword and dash into the battle against numerous ghosts and monsters wandering everywhere in the castle. Your character auto-attacks when a ghost approachs him close enough.

Each level requires you to kill a certain number of ghosts and after every 2 levels, you deal with a big boss who is much stronger than his minions. You have to run to the right or to the left to avoid the attack of ghosts. When those ghosts lower them down, it means you will lose some HP if you are below them. When they fly low to the ground, you should avoid that area. It’s better to attack them from their back.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, when you swing your sword and hit the ghosts from their back, you are less likely to get injured. Just have a try, try to attack when you face to face with them and hit them from their back and see which tactic is more effective. The more ghosts appear on a level means the more challenging mission is. You can’t attack several ghosts at once. When you die, you have to start the current level once more time. Over time, a new knight will join your adventure and help your defeat those annoying ghosts and save the castle from them.

With a little ingenuity and luck, you can completely clear the castle from invading ghosts. Good luck and have other games a try such as Stickman Shadow Hero and Impostor Archer War.

Instructions: Left click or right/left arrow keys to move.

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