Brave Explorers GamePlay:

Welcome you to a new adventure that you will never forget. Hey! Adventurer! Are you ready? Brave Explorers is a great combination of adventure and puzzle game with stunning graphics and attractive gameplay. Here at y8 shooting games, a huge labyrinth is waiting for you to discover. This labyrinth is filled with gold and dangerous things. Once you enter, you can’t wait to go deep inside for sure.

There are so many things to explore here. Your main goal is to find the way out of here, along with collect gold. However, make sure you always stay alert because traps and dangers are everywhere. You must avoid them and don’t make you fall. If you touch any enemies, you die.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, your achievement depends on your performance. Don't forget to collect as much gold as possible. It’s better to collect every single of them. Besides, you should find the way out in the shortest time to get the highest score. The puzzle element shows up as you have to activate the highlighted circle by stepping on it to open the gate.

Keep your mind working to open the way successfully. The sign indicates that you complete the current stage is that you can see a stair. When you go upstair, you move to the next stage. Your adventure won’t end soon so you can expect that so many things await ahead.

Care about every step you make and look around to make sure you go the right way. Good luck and have fun here. Enjoy more games such as Hurdles and Monster Run


Use arrow keys to move.

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