Hungry Box GamePlay:

Hungry Box is a challenging fast-paced game that tests your hand-eye coordination in a fun mission. You will meet a hungry box and your job is to keep it safe. The control mechanics and gameplay of this y8y8y8 game are simple but to master it, you will sweat a lot. You may need to spend time practicing. The hungry box will move down all the time and you have to control the length of the red sticks to catch it. The aim is to keep the box always inside the screen and help it collect as many small squares as possible. Each square is 1 point. You click and hold your mouse to make the stick grow longer.

The length of the stick is the key to the hungry box’s life. Because the box will run only through the sticks, if the stick is too long, the box will bump into the wall and there is no way to save it. If the stick is too short, it can’t catch the box. So here at y8y8y8.games, the key is to correctly adjust the length of each stick. The box moves fastly and you don’t have much time before action. Besides, you can’t directly control the box to collect squares. It depends on your luck as well.

That’s why it’s too challenging to get a high score in this game but you are sure to do it, right? The more time you spend playing this game, the more experience you get to conquer new achievements. Enjoy your time here and check out other fun games on our site such as Save The Uncle and Ripple Jump. New games are added every day, so don’t miss any chances to become the first ones who play them.

Controls: Mouse.

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