Box Size GamePlay:

Box Size can be one of the hardest arcade games that you can find at https://y8y8y8.games/. It has a pretty simple concept but to master it, you need time. It’s all about accuracy. You have an expandable box that can become bigger but can’t become smaller. And your goal is to expand that box to make it fit the hole without falling. Your main goal is to get as many scores as you can. With a success, you get 1 point.

The game ends when the size of the box is smaller or bigger than the hole. Of course, you don’t have any help here. You don’t have anything to measure. Your eyes are the measure here. Remember that once the box expands, you can’t reduce its size in any way. You tap or click and hold to expand the box. When you stop, the box drops. Luckily, this Y8 y8 unblocked game doesn’t put you under the pressure. It means you are not restricted by anything. It sounds simple and easy, right?

However, as mentioned previously, you may need time. Spend time playing and your skills will get better. The box doesn’t need to fit perfectly in the hole. It can be smaller or bigger a little. As soon as the box doesn’t fall or land above the hole, you succeed. It’s an addicting game that can keep you hooked for hours. You can’t wait to restart the game whenever you fail. Manage to set a record, then you can challenge your friends or break that record and make a new one.

Enjoy it and don’t forget to explore our game collection. If you find it hard to choose a game to play, here are some options for you Physics Box and Jewel Treasure

How to play: Tap or click.

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