Jewel Treasure GamePlay:

Jewel Treasure is a simple but entertaining connect three play with an Ancient Egyptian theme. To clear the screen, create rows of three or more jewels. Players who enjoy communicate three in a row games will actually appreciate this game. There is no age content throughout the game.

There still are thresholds in this game. Accomplish the level's specific goals to pass it. At Y8 2 player, to accomplish the level, you must collect that certain number of specific jewels. You only have a particular number of turns to complete the level, as indicated by the customer service desk on the top row. Any line formed after your first move counts as part of that essence. You have a given amount of time and unlimited turns to clear as many jewels as possible. Every line you clear buys you more time. Continue to play until readers run out of time.

You receive two points for each treasure you clear. Either every line cleared earns you a maximum of six points. In addition, you would therefore receive a multiplier bonus equivalent to the number of moves cleared in a single move. For example, to have a combo 2 multiplies your ranking (the number of gems cleared at every line that forms) by 2.

Do not forget to share the game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game to try to become the leading players. Let's experience a few other similar games like Fortune Cookie.



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