Deuce Hit! Tennis GamePlay:

Do you love tennis? Who is your favorite tennis player? You can be one of the tennis legends just like the tennis star you love in Deuce Hit! Tennis. Everything is simple and easy in this game. Your main objective is to score two points first to win the current match and move to the next round. You control your player to serve the ball, hit the ball, and catch the ball to prevent it land that leads you to lose one point. When you get 2 points, the door to the next round will open. You just need to go through that door to meet the next rival.

Remember that the rivals that you face at later levels will more skillful. Be ready to beat them and take the champion cup home. While moving to the next tennis court, don’t forget to collect money scattered on the way. The gameplay and control mechanics are easy. You won’t control the tennis racquet. Instead, you control the movement of your character. Do you see a circle around you while you move?

When the ball that your opponent hits toward your side, you just make sure that ball lands on the circle, then you can catch it. If it lands outside that circle, you fail and your rival gets 1 point. The challenging level goes up significantly as you advance. Besides, this game won’t offer any power-ups or special items to help you win easier. It’s all up to your skills to win. Break a leg and don’t forget to check out other fun Y8y8y8 sports games such as Noob & Pro Skateboarding and Real Footbal.

How to play: Mouse.

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