Dangerous Roads GamePlay:

Are you a good driver? Can you ride a motorbike, a bike, or drive a car? What about a hotdog car? Do you want to have a try? Here in Dangerous Roads at Y8 boys games, a cool hotdog car is ready to start a drive with you. Can you drive this hotdog car along the winding road and reach the furthest? Of course, you can, right? In front of you is an endless road with curves and different hazardous environments.

You have to stay awake and calm while driving on this road. Your main objective is to drive as far as possible. As you drive forwards, you will go through the numbers which are your points. Yes, it’s not as easy as you drive in the city or mountainous area because the road has a lot of curves and you will face strong winds, powerful storms and even black holes that suddenly appear on the road.

Like other driving games at https://y8y8y8.games/, you don’t have more than one chance each time you play. If your car falls through the black hole or you fall off the road, you die and you have to restart your driving adventure once again. Watch out for storms and winds because the wind will push the car towards the left and right, and in the case where you can’t control your car, the car will fall off the road. Besides, don’t forget that steering is reversed in a water puddle. Your driving skills will be tested at a whole new level.

Compete against your friends to make the game more enjoyable. After that, here are some games that you want to check out: Stunt Biker 3D and Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure.

Instructions: Right and left arrow keys.

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