Drop & Squish GamePlay:

Drop & Squish is a new exciting game available on the Y8 online game. We'd like to invite you to make various types of ice cream. On the screen in front of you, a glass of a certain depth will be visible. The container will start out empty. There are several square buttons of various colors under the glass.

By clicking on them, you will throw a ball of ice cream the same color as the button you found into the glass. Your mission is to evenly throw balls into a glass and then crush them all using a special crush. As a result, you combine them, and the resulting substance fills the glass. Then, on the right, you will click on the special key. The data will be processed by the game, and the outcome will be displayed to you. It will be worth a set number of points. Much fun!

Furthermore, we update a plethora of brand-new games for you to enjoy, such as Tower Boom. Today's list of online games is growing.


Use the mouse to play this game.

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