Tower Boom GamePlay:

Welcome you to a demolition game called Tower Boom at https://y8y8y8.games/. In this interesting physics-based puzzle game, what you do is destroy a structure made of steel and concrete with dynamites. 24 levels mean 24 structures. And as you advance, the structures in the later levels become more complicated and you will find it harder to destroy them. You have to find the right spots to place dynamites. Do you see 2 lines on each level?

The yellow line is the height of the structure and the green line is the limit line that you have to take the rubble down under it. You tap or click anywhere to place dynamite. After you place all dynamites that the current level gives you, you press the detonator to explode the tower. Yes, each level gives you a certain number of dynamites. Use all of them. Don’t save them because you can bring the dynamite that you don’t use in the current level to the next level.

You only can place dynamite on concrete in this Y8y8com game. You can’t place dynamite on the steel truss. Keep that in your mind. One tip that you can apply to clear a level is to place more dynamites on the lower part of those structures. You explode the base and all will fall. If you place too much dynamite on the top parts, you can hardly destroy the structure. A level fails when the structure falls but a part of that structure is above the green line.

Once you place all dynamites, you can’t change; therefore, make sure you observe before you take action. Have fun and enjoy other exciting games on our site such as Math Signs Game and Mini Coins. New games are coming.

Controls: Mouse.

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