Magnificent Tower GamePlay:

How many floors can you construct in 1 minute? Find out the answer in a great building game called Magnificent that is available for free at y8 games online. This is a game designed to test your ingenuity. Your main objective is simply to build the tallest tower ever. To do it, you stack up the floors from the basement. It sounds easy but it’s a true challenge because it’s all about timing when it comes to stack up the floors.

You will see the floor moving above the basement and to build the tower, you just need to tap or click at the right time, then each moving floor will drop and place above the previous floor. If the current floor has deviated from the previous floor, the excess of that floor will be cut off. That will make your construction more difficult because the ground area will be narrowed. Over time, smaller floors will appear and you find it extremely hard to keep stacking up.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, with each floor, you get 1 point. The challenging part is that you have to build a tower as tall as you can within 1 minute. It means you have to take action accurately and quickly. Like other games about ingenuity, timing is the key point. Besides, as you advance, the moving speed of the new floors increases significantly. However, the more you play, the more accurate your action.

So tap or click at the right time to place new floors and have the tallest tower in the world. If you want to have a rest before working hard in the construction, let’s relax with other choices of games such as Fruit Slice and Neon Catapult.


Click or tap to place a new floor.

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