King Rugni Tower Conquest GamePlay:

King Rugni Tower Conquest is a tower defense strategy game that puts you in the shoes of a great king. Your greatness is demonstrated by the resounding victory. From a small land, you have expanded your territory in all directions. However, recently monsters have appeared massively and they have attacked your territory to invade here. At school games y8, once again, let’s show everyone that you are the greatest king. Build a strong defense and stop these enemies before they enter the gate. You will see a path from which enemies will come and some flags.

Click on each flag and you can build a tower to attack enemies. Whenever enemies appear, these towers will automatically shoot at them. You should keep in mind that many monsters and weird creatures appear at once and if they enter your gate, you will lose. So make sure you stay focused on building. In the beginning, you just have the most basic tower but you can unlock the new ones with money that you earn from killing enemies. Some towers are Ballista, Bombard, Tar Pump, Storm Caller, Mine Dropper and more. The more expensive the tower, the stronger they are.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have to go through many stages including Meadowalls Campaign, Direwoods Siege, Harshpeak Crowning, Quarry Prospecting, and Furious Furnace Final Conquest. And in each stage, your main objective is still to defeat the invaders.

Many tower defense strategy games are available on our site and each of them is amazing in their own way. So, please check out other options such as Killer Assassin and Defend Home.


Use your mouse to place the towers.

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