King Bird Tower Defense GamePlay:

King Bird Tower Defense is a cool and addictive tower defense game in which you have to build a defending army to stop hordes of monsters and pirates from invading your village. Let’s place your troops along the way that they come. You have 4 different troops and you have to earn money from killing enemies to buy more powerful troops. As you level up, you have to deal with stronger monsters. You should save money from some first levels.

Just buy enough troops to defense at y8 games online 2 player. The money you have left in the previous level will be moved to the next level. If the monster forces reach the end of the road, you lose a heart. Some weapons don’t affect some monsters, so you have to buy different kinds of weapons instead of using only one kind. For example, bomber and knight can’t kill flying monsters.

Please observe the situation, if you see 2 types of troops who can handle monsters, you don't need to buy more troops. Just buy more troops if everything is out of your control. There are 10 levels waiting for you to conquer on http://y8y8y8.games/. As the game processes, you have to face more waves of enemies. You don’t have time to rest for sure. Be ready to defeat them after they invade your village.

During the battle, you can upgrade your troops to enhance their strengths. Good luck! Add more games to your favorite list with King Soldiers 4 and Goodgame Empire


Use mouse to place troops.

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