Mildly Infuriated Bird GamePlay:

Do you know how to help Mildly Infuriated Bird overcome all the obstacles on his way? If you really love this game at y8 games, you can try your luck and help the bird reach its destination safely with the highest score possible. One tip for joining this game is not to move too fast because you can collide with obstacles and lose the target. Pay attention to obstacles that have sharp spikes moving continuously or other birds on the fly.

If you touch them, the game will end immediately. Do not miss the opportunity to collect all the gold coins in the game Mildly Infuriated Bird. It is interesting to keep the most balanced way for the bird in this game. With the most difficult routes, you can save the migration tips on your journal and continue the game with the experience available. You can also share with your friends to join the game with the longest flight. Y8 games are always up to date with the latest games in the list of favorite games that you can choose to participate in.

Moving skills will help you focus and complete the task in this game. You have the opportunity to help the bird find his way home. In addition, also suggest some similar games to this game for players to explore in their spare time such as Kingdom Pop, You will not regret the time when playing these exciting new games.

Controls game:

Press and hold left mouse button to help the bird fly.

With each click, the flight distance will be different.

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