Lion Hunter King GamePlay:

Shooting games are the favorite genre of many people but some love the animal hunting game even more. The animal hunting game is also a shooting game in which instead your target is people, specifically the bad guys or enemies, you hunt different kinds of animals. And this time in Lion Hunter King, you will hunt one the most feared animals of the forest, lion. Here at y8 unblocked games for boys, pick up your gun and ready for the hunt now.

Each level requires you to finish a certain mission. And you have to kill a certain number of lions in each mission in a given time. Don’t worry. You have enough time to reach your goal. All you need to do is to approach the target and shoot. It’s better to aim and shoot at the lion’s head than body parts because a headshot gives you more money but shoot at the body parts also sends the lion to the hell. If you are eligible for a headshot, then go ahead. If not, just opt for the body parts, it’s fine.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, with the money that you have earned with each successful mission, you can buy new weapons that have better stats. This game has an awesome look and gameplay. The effect each time you fire is cool. You will see the flying line of the bullet. This makes the game more cool and amazing. To have better performance, you should take advantage of the minimap.

It shows you where all lions are so you can navigate and come close to your target. You may have played a lot of animal hunting games on our site but this is totally different from the previous ones. So don’t miss it. Also bookmark the following options to play whenever you have free time: Shoot The Robbers and Super Sniper.


Hunt lions by using your mouse.

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