Shoot The Robbers GamePlay:

A group of robbers broke into the houses in the neighborhood, causing a riot. They are extremely aggressive and do not fear anyone. Importantly, they have weapons. In Shoot The Robbers at y8 war games, you play as the police who have the responsibility to catch them. They are currently in houses and your team has surrounded them but how to catch them when they do not surrender? If you can't catch them alive, you can shoot them.

Wait until any of them appear on the window, you quickly aim and shoot to take them down. However, as mentioned above, they have weapons and they will fight back. To protect yourself and finish this mission, you have to shoot at them before you get shot because you can’t hide or dodge the attack. You have 100 HP. If you get shot, your health bar will drop a little bit. If it drops to zero, you lose.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, shoot as many robbers as you can is your main objective here. However, you can’t survive too long if you don’t take action fast enough. It means these robbers will win over you. Lock your target and shoot down a robber with each shot. If you miss, you lose. Keep it in your mind. Just like other shooting games on our site, you will have an enjoyable gaming experience here.

It’s easy to play but hard to master so don’t let its simple look fool you. It’s not easy to clear the mission at all. How many robbers can you shoot down? Will they be defeated? Play and find your own answer. Besides, don’t forget to discover other games such as Defeat The Monster and Cat Wizard Defense.

How to play.

Shoot down the robbers by using your mouse.

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