Zombie Shoot GamePlay:

Zombie Shoot at y8 free games is a great mix of shooting and puzzle game but your mission is not to find a solution for each puzzle but find the best way to shoot down enemies and your enemy here is zombies. On each level, you see zombies are standing in different places on the screen, and to defeat them, you use a bazooka. If you use guns and shoot at zombies, they die immediately but with a bazooka, it needs time to blow up.

This makes your mission become harder to finish. So how will you do it? It’s all up to how you adjust the angle of the power of the shot. You have unlimited bullets, so feel free to shoot as many times as you want and make the whole screen blow up. It gives you a higher chance to kill all zombies at once.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, sometimes, play without any strategy gives you the best result but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work. You mostly have to pay attention to aiming and don’t forget to take advantage of the objects on each level. You can shoot at these objects to make the bullets bounce off and kill zombies. Don’t waste your shells too much, you can fail right away. The later on, the levels become harder and some opponents are in very tricky places.

It seems that you can’t touch them but in some ways, you can. Just try and try again and you will succeed. Do you enjoy this game? You will like the following options even more: Money Movers 1 and Run Into Death.


Aim and fire by using your mouse.

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