Money Movers 1 GamePlay:

2 friends are locked in prison and they are trying to escape. However, it's not just escaping, they want to steal things here. Do you want to join this exciting journey? Welcome to Money Movers 1 at y8 free game. This is a platform game for 2 players because 2 characters need to team up to escape at each level but you can play alone by controlling one by one. There are 2 requirements in each stage that you have to fulfill to unlock the next stage.

Firstly, 2 characters need to reach the exit but they don’t need to do it at the same time. Secondly, 2 characters need to get a least one pack of coins. Sound simple, right?. Each character has strengths and weaknesses. The big one is slow but he can lift the small one when they want to move higher. The small one is fast and he is smart. When they work together, nothing can stop them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, to team up effectively, you need to give them your helping hands. Guide them to go through the obstacles and challenges to reach their goal. As mentioned above, 2 prisoners have to reach the exit. One can go first and wait for another one to come. The game doesn’t require you to finish the mission within a limited time or a certain number of moves. You just need to meet 2 requirements. That’s it.

Be careful, more challenges are coming because escaping from prison is not easy and not everyone can make it. What about you? Enjoy and check out other games such as Tank Mayhem and Wild Animal Hunting.


Use WASD and arrow keys to move.

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