Riot Escape GamePlay:

You are about to be sent to prison but you have a chance to escape. You don’t want to miss this chance, do you? Here in Riot Escape at https://y8y8y8.games/, you and other prisoners are on the run. Your ultimate goal is to run as fast as possible towards the truck or helicopter to escape. If you’re not quick and lucky enough, you will be caught one more time by the cops and you have no chance to find freedom.

On the screen, right after the zero number appears, you have to rush towards and avoid cops, traps on the way, climb over the vehicles, and even buildings to come close to the truck. Once you get on the truck, you’re safe and you can move to the next challenges. Of course, as you advance, it’s harder to escape as more cops are coming and more traps are placed but don’t worry.

The game won’t let you fail easily. After each level, whether you lose or win, you have two options to choose from. These options will help you a little bit in the next level. You can choose one from Slow cops, Faster cops, Shields, Flight, No trap, Giant, and so on. The interesting thing about this Y8 games online game is that you not only play as a prisoner but also as a cop. However, you can’t guess what your next role is.

So check two options that the game gives you carefully to make use of it to reach your goal easier. A suitable choice can save your life. Hope you have a great gaming time here and in other excellent games such as Jump Impostor Up and Noob vs Pro Challenge

How to play: WASD, Arrow keys, or mouse.

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