No One Escape GamePlay:

No One Escape gives you a new style of battle royale in which you are randomly chosen as a victim or hunter. You will have to hide from the hunter and look for the exit as a victim or hunt your prey as a hunter before time runs out at Y8 free games. You will find its gameplay mix battle royale and hide and seek with a twist. In short, it’s fun and worth playing and once you play, you can’t just play it for one time. Let’s go into detail about what a victim and the hunter do.

There are 4 players in a match and the match ends after 50 seconds. One of 4 players will be chosen to be the hunter. All the victims must hide and run far away from the hunter while looking for the red button and run through it to turn it into the green. Once all buttons are green, the gate will open and you escape successfully. You can see the hunter and other victims on the map.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, as the hunter, you have to find and kill all the victims within a given time before they can escape. You can’t see them all the time in the labyrinth. Sometimes, they become visible and you should make use of that time to eliminate them. These simple but addicting mechanics will keep you hooked and play several times. The element of randomness in becoming a victim or a hunter is a special feature of the game. You won’t know who you are until the match begins.

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Move by using your mouse.

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