Wild Animal Hunting GamePlay:

Hunt is banned in many countries around the world but you are surely free to hunt in the game world. Wild Animal Hunting promises to bring a realistic and enjoyable hunting experience ever. So would you like to try? Here at y8 animal games, 15 challenges are waiting to test your shooting skills.

On each level, you have to hunt down a certain number of animals and you have to finish that mission within a limited time. These animals won’t gather at the same place, so you have to move around and find them. Look at the map and it will help you locate those animals. You don’t need to approach them too close. From far away, you can still kill them.

To save time, it’s better to handle the animals that are closest to each other. Then, you can move to the ones far from you. Besides, finishing a mission gives you coins and you can earn more coins through your shots. A shot at body part gives you $50 while a headshot gives you double. On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you have time and you may want to aim and shoot at their head instead of body parts. With money, you can buy new guns.

Like other games, you have to clear the current level to unlock the next one, and at each level, you deal with one kind of animal, from dinosaurs to dears and many more. The missions become more challenging as you level up for sure. So be always ready to conquer it and other games such as Super Knight Adventure and Tank Mayhem.


Mouse to change your view and left click to shoot.

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