Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Deputy for a Day GamePlay:

Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Deputy for a Day is an education game which is full of interesting things to discover. It’s both entertaining and challenging. It brings you to the colorful world with many cute animals and beautiful graphics. It’s truly a great game for kids to entertain and learn. This y8y8y8 online games offers three interesting tasks for you to explore, including Sharing is Caring, Thirsty Work and Cattle Chaos.

Each task requires you to complete a specific mission with y8 games for free. In Sharing is Caring, you have a chance to prove yourself that you can become a great detective in the future. At here, you will deal with the missing things by helping people in town find a whole bunch of objects. Choosing the ones that animals are looking for. In Thirsty Work, you will work as a bartender who prepares healthy and delicious juices for customers. Follow the orders and make the juice matching the ordered color.

And finally, in Cattle Chaos, the cattle of a citizen in town is lost and your task at here is to find the lost cattle back to the owner. Each mission promises to give you tons of fun and hours of entertainment that you will find no regret when spending your time on. So what more are you looking for? Let’s jump into this wonderful world and discover everything at here. More fun and more experience with Donkey Kong Returns! Click! Have fun!

How to play:

Play this game by using your mouse.

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