Animal Kindergarten GamePlay:

Animal Kindergarten is an enjoyable game for both kids and adults. It’s about looking after 3 animal kids including a baby bear, a baby giraffe, and a baby hippo. At y8 fun games education, you play as the owl teacher and you pick 3 kids up from the bus and take them to kindergarten. You will spend the whole day to look after kids and satisfy all their needs to make sure that they are good and won’t cry.

The first stage is playing time. You give them the toys appear in the room to make them happy and you will earn stars. These stars make the process bar full and when it’s full, you can unlock the next stage. The second stage is outdoor activities. In the playground, they will have a great playing time here. Once again, you have to make them happy to collect stars to move to the next stage. And the next stage is the lunch-time.

Feed them with their favorite food. Baby bear loves honey, baby giraffe loves vegetable and baby hippo loves tubers. After the main dishes, let’s finish the lunch-time with a glass of milk. On http://y8y8y8.games/, after lunch, they feel sleepy and it’s time to go to bed. You change their outfit, cover them with the blankets, and turn off the light. They will have a great nap. And at the end of the day, they will go to the bus and go home.

This game is fascinating and educational. It offers the children an overview of what’s waiting for them in kindergarten and they won’t be afraid of going to kindergarten each day anymore. Enjoy your day with our cute kids and don’t forget to play other games such as Mahjong African Dream and Sort Hoop.


Use your mouse to conquer this game.

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