Animal Run GamePlay:

The street is not safe for animals because there are too many vehicles there. However, why animals are running on the street? Where do they come from and how to keep them safe? It’s your job. In Animal Run, all you need to do is to lead them to the finish line by running along the road without crashing into obstacles and vehicles. Once the animal crosses the finish line, the current level is done and you can move to the next level.

The animal can move left, right and jump over the obstacles. Your very first level is a cow. To unlock new animals, you should collect as many coins as possible with your existing animal. However, don’t pay too much attention to collecting coins. Just get the coins when you won’t be put at risk. If you feel you will die if you pick up any coins, just leave them behind and move toward the finish line. Remember that if you hit any obstacles, you have to restart the level instead of respawning and keeping going.

You can’t speed up or slow down. You can only move left, right and jump over the barriers. With coins, you can unlock a lion, a cat, and so on. Like any level-based games at kids games, you will find it harder to reach the finish line when you level up. More vehicles and obstacles will be there to stop your animals. Don’t let them succeed. Pass every single obstacle with your skills. Keep running until you see and pass the finish line. If you want to play other Y8y8y8 runner games that are simple yet challenging like that, here are our suggestions for you Crazy Laundry and Tower Match.

How to play: left/right arrow keys to move and Space to jump.

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