Animal.io GamePlay:

Play alone is not as fun as play with other players. So why don’t you come to Animal.io – an amazing multiplayer io game added to y8 co m new games recently. This game is fun and competitive. First of all, you should know your main goal here. It’s to become the last one who survives. You are put into a battle against other players and you have to use the trick to beat all your opponents and become the last man standing.

So to make it, you have to eat different kinds of food to grow up and kick each opponent off the arena. Different kinds of food have a unique effect. Meat helps become bigger. Hamburger can make your tail longer and mushroom will make you grow up faster but slower. Eat whatever you can find to boost your strength. Then you use your tail to defeat your opponent. On http://y8y8y8.games/, just by swinging your tail at your opponent, you can kick your opponent off the arena.

However, you have to choose the right moment to take action and take advantage of the moment that your opponents are near the edge of the arena. It makes it easier to eliminate your opponent. Bigger in size gives you some advantages. Remember that and make sure you focus on eating before fighting. If you are still small, you can’t beat other opponents. You can defeat your opponents but they also can beat you.

In the beginning, you have to dodge anyone bigger than yours. Win and unlock new animals in the game. It’s combat but it’s fun instead of cruel. Enjoy every moment here and have fun in other games such as Dungeon.ro and PillowBattle.io.


Use your mouse to move and click to swing your tail.

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