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Dungeon.ro is a cool combination of shooting games and RPG elements in which you have to conquer a challenging dungeon full of dangers and enemies. It’s not sure how long can you survive. This dungeon seems to be endless and you won’t see a list of levels like other that you have ever raided at y8 shooting games. but it’s actually divided into many rooms as levels that you have to kill all enemies in the current room to move to the next room.

There are 3 difficult levels but you should play the easy level first and even it’s named easy but it’s insanely challenging and you hardly come through. So do not be too confident in yourself by jumping into the hard level firstly because you will feel regret soon. As mentioned above, you have to kill every single enemy in the current room to unlock the next one. Interestingly, once you enter a room, the door is locked and you can not escape without killing enemies. It means that it forces you to fight against enemies directly instead of running away.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, these enemies also attack you so hard and you can not hide to protect yourself because there is no platform at each level. Your only choice is to kill them first before they all attack you. You soon realize that you are killed by them quickly even you haven’t taken any action yet. Yes, time is gold, so to win over them, you must be quicker than them. Scan all the corners of this dungeon, defeat all enemies, and finish your journey.

Keep in mind that it’s better to play the easy level first to get familiar with the control mechanism and gameplay, especially to gain experiences, then you can challenge yourself in other difficulty levels. Always upgrade to enhance your strength as well. Good luck and check out the following options: Pixel Hunting.io and ForceZ.io.


Click to shoot, arrow keys/WASD to move and Spacebar to dash.

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