Red Bounce Ball 5 GamePlay:

It’s time for a new adventure. Red Ball is waiting for you to join him an amazing adventure in Red Bounce Ball 5. Are you ready to discover various exciting things on this journey? If yes, what more are you looking for? Let’s start. Enjoy the latest sequel of Red Ball series. This game just added to school games y8. Let’s become one of the first players to conquer it. 30 levels full of obstacles and fun await you ahead.

Come through level 1 to level 30 to enjoy the game fully. Like the previous versions, your mission here is to lead our lovely Red Ball to come to the exit safely in each level. However, to complete the mission in the current stage and unlock the next one, you have to collect all stars that this level requires. Make sure you stay away from evil monsters and avoid all deadly traps along the way.

This game also combines with puzzle elements as you have to use some objects in the surrounding environment to collect enough stars and open the gate and so on. It doesn’t require you to finish each level in the limited time, but surely you want to complete the mission as fast as you can to discover the next adventure.

Like other games, as you level up, the difficulty level increases significantly. You will have to deal with more obstacles and dangers. Be carefully and you will succeed. Enjoy every moment here and discover other games such as Red Ball 6 and Red Ball 5 at http://y8y8y8.games/


Lead the Red Ball through challenging adventure by using arrow keys.

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