Beauty Royal Ball GamePlay:

Beauty holds a Royal Ball every year. And this year, she is going to have a gorgeous party ever and invite her best friends to come and enjoy. However, the larger the party, the more work to be done. So she needs your help. It’s your pleasure, isn’t it? Beauty Royal Ball at Y8y8y8 free games offers you 3 parts to complete which are Create a banner, Decorate the ballroom and Pick a splendid outfit.

As its name, in the first part, you start by creating an impressive banner that provides information about the party with games Y8y8. You choose the perfect pattern, the color of the text and some stickers to make it more attractive. Then you send it to our beautiful princesses. In the second part, you are going to decorate the ballroom. The ballroom was fantastic already, but it needs some highlights. You need to choose the decorations that suit the wishes of Beauty and theme of the ball. Thanks to your efforts, the ballroom now looks gorgeous. Now, it’s time to choose for Beauty a perfect outfit that makes her shine among various people

Because it’s a Royal Ball, so you should choose something splendid and attractive. Don’t forget to mix and match the outfit with accessories and footwear. When everything is done, Beauty is ready to have fun with her friends. Hope you have a great time at Beauty Royal Ball! Some great options for you are Frozen Christmas Eve. Enjoy!

How to play:

You simply use the left mouse to choose everything.