Ball 1 GamePlay:

Ball 1 is an interesting and refreshing puzzle game in which you have used only one ball to collect all stars in each level. There are several ways to perform but there is the only way to reach the goal and your mission is to find the correct way. It truly tests your skills and brain. It makes your brain work but in a fun way instead of a stressful way. If you want to find an entertaining game to enjoy in the short break time, this one is the best choice for you. The rule of this game is simple, just find a perfect angle and launch the ball to collect all stars.

At kizi games kids free, do you want to have a try? It’s insanely fun and enjoyable but it’s not easy at all. Some first levels are easy to conquer but as you level up, you will find it much harder because you have to collect many stars and these stars are placed in a rather complex way. You should use some platforms and walls available in each level as something you can rely on to solve the puzzle.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you get stuck, you can use hints to overcome that challenge and keep unlocking the next level. Remember that the new level will unlock only if all stars are collected. Don’t miss any of them. Such a lovely puzzle. Discover new games and embark on the new adventures with other games such as Love Pig and Color Tower 


Use your left click to launch the ball.

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