Run Into Death GamePlay:

Run Into Death is a fast-paced shooting game that gives you only one chance to run away from death. If you don't hold that chance, you will become food for zombies. These starving creatures are running into you with the hope that they will have food. At y8 shooting games, you must help stop thinking of this stupid idea by defeating them. This is a first-person shooting game, so you aim and shoot straight into them and kill one by one.

Protect yourself is to protect your homeland. You have to keep your life safe as long as possible to kill them. Right after they appear you can shoot at them even they are far from you. On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you let them come close to you, then you take action, it can be too late because they are crowded while you are alone and your gun needs time to reload. As a result, it's better to attack and defend soon.

When you kill a certain number of zombies, you auto move to the next stage and just keep advancing forever. You have a health bar. Keep it full is what you need to do. If zombies attack you, your health drops and you die if this bar is empty. So you know what you have to do, right?

Non-stop shooting and make yourself untouchable from zombies. Take action quickly and stay focused to complete this mission. Then, you are free to explore more adventures in other games such as Wild Animal Hunting and Money Movers 1.

How to play:

Mouse to aim and left click to shoot.

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