Parkour Block 4 GamePlay:

Parkour Block 4 is a cool parkour game that takes place in the blocky world of Minecraft. Do you know that famous title? You can find several versions of it and play at https://y8y8y8.games/. This game includes 3 modes: level mode, speedrun mode, and hardcore mode. Basically, what you have to do in all 3 modes is the same. They just differ from each other in how time is counted. Your ultimate objective is to reach the purple portal and to reach that goal, you have to jump from platform to platform.

Timing your jump and landing safely on the next platform. Below those platforms is hot lava. You don’t want to swim in that magma, do you? So, try your best to make a perfect jump each time. You may want to jump as fast as you can because time will be counted. However, in the beginning, just forget about time and stay focused on jumping and landing safely first. Later on, when you get more experienced, you can speed up and complete each level, and challenge within the shortest time.

Each level of this Y8y8 unblocked game is one challenge of parkour jumping. Accuracy is the deciding factor. A tiny mistake counts for Steve’s death. You don’t want Steve to get burned by hot lava, right? Then, help him make an accurate jump each time and finish each level without having to restart the game. You should start the game with level-based mode first to get familiar with the mechanics of the game.

After conquering 60 levels, you can discover the other two modes. Break a leg and you can meet Steve in quite many games on our site. Find them by yourself and don’t miss the following options: Gangs Idle City and Soul and Dragon

How to play: Space to jump, WASD or arrow keys to move, Left shift to run.