Block Craft GamePlay:

Block Craft is a highly interactive simulation game. Look at its designs, and you can tell it’s quite similar to a very famous sandbox game called Minecraft. Yes, it’s true. Come and start discovering the magical blocky world at y8 co m new games. Here, you can build and create whatever comes to your mind. Break, build and discover, nothing stops you. For those who have played Minecraft, this choice is an amazing alternative.

And for those who don’t know what it is, let’s enter this world and find your great moment here. You don’t go wrong. The real world is extremely bustling and busy. You have many things to do, you have to care about many things. Then this blocky world brings you peace as you're not restricted by any element and can do whatever you want.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you can break anything, build a huge castle or even a city or you can go around and look for something fun around you. It will entertain you for a long time and it will make you come back after each session. So, what more are you looking for?

Why don’t you start breaking apart various kinds of blocks and building the most amazing structures in your own world? Have fun and enjoy a more entertaining time with Mango Piggy Piggy and Save The Coal Miner.


WASD to move, 1-9 to select blocks, left click to break blocks, right to place blocks, Q/E to up/down, C to crouch, left shift to run, R to throw balls, Y to summon deers, X to place bricks, G to throw, H to open block list, L to use a torch, and T to interact.

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