Mango Piggy Piggy GamePlay:

Who can resist ripe mangoes? Especially, when you are hungry. So, does our cute piggy. He is starving right now but he can find anything to eat at his house. Looking through the window and there is a mango tree out there. The mangoes look so sweet, juicy and tasty. He can’t help himself but go to the mango tree and pick the ripe mangoes. However, he can’t do that without your help.

Give him your helping hands in Mango Piggy Piggy at juegos y8. Otherwise, the pig will not be able to do anything with a hungry stomach. Poor him. Your mission is both easy and challenging as you won’t pick up these mangoes right from the tree but launch this pig so he can collect all 3 mangoes at each level and go to the basket safely.

Like you shoot a cannon, you aim and shoot Piggy towards the mangoes. Make sure he passes through 3 mangoes. Or you can’t finish the current mission. Piggy must collect at least one mango to pick more mangoes at the next level. Adjusting the strength and angle of each shot is the key to success on http://y8y8y8.games/. You are not under the pressure of time, so you are better to spend more time on aiming.

As you level up, it becomes harder to pick mangoes and more piggy want to eat mangoes. Help all of them and they will be very thankful to you. and maybe they'll reward you with some sweet mangoes. Enjoy and start new adventures in other games such as Pixel Slime and Knock Off.


Aim and launch Piggy with your mouse.

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