Piggy On The Run GamePlay:

Piggy On The Run is a fun adventure game about a piggy who needs your help to find the way home. This is another enjoyable game among tons of fun options that you can play for free at Y8Y8 games. Our cute piggy has a wonderful day. He embarks on an adventure in the forest. Unfortunately, he faces so many obstacles when coming back home. Without your guidance, he can’t come home safely.

Play as Piggy, you need to run forward and jump over the traps like blades, even make the double jumps to keep you safe from dangers until you reach the door. It’s your home. Forest has so many beautiful things but also dangerous things. You will some annoying enemies in your journey. Just jump over them just like you to do deal with obstacles.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, you have only one life at each level. If you touch any obstacles and enemies, you have to restart that level. No one knows what awaits you ahead, what you have to deal with, and how you can conquer all the challenges but it’s sure that you will have a great time here. The game doesn’t require you to reach the goal within a limited time, so it’s better to do everything slowly but steadily. Don’t rush.

Otherwise, you are easy to fail. When you are too hasty, you will not react in time to the danger right in front of you and that causes unnecessary failure. Run slowly and stop right in front of the obstacle and make a perfect jump. Hope you have a great adventure with Piggy and you can enjoy other ones in the following options: Hello Kitty And Friends Jumper and Run! and Escape

Instructions: WASD to play.

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