Run! and Escape GamePlay:

Do a gentle warm up right now because you are about to run like never before to keep your life safe. Yes, it’s what you’re going to do in Run! And Escape at Y8 games online. You are trapped in a room and the wall full of spikes there wants to crush you. You have to run forward and pick up the key to unlock the door to get out of this deadly room. Can you make it in a short time? Yes, the aim of the game is simply to escape.

Of course, you can stop and breathe but have a fast breath and keep running before it’s too late. You don’t have much time to rest. Besides, the moving platform that threatens you from behind, you also face a lot of challenges ahead. You have to run and jump all the time to reach the exit. Make a double jump if there is any high platform in front of you.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, the moving speed of that wall increases as you level up and it even changes its speed a few times in the level. You may think that that deadly wall can’t reach you with that speed but suddenly it speeds up and you can’t escape from it. There are 40 levels in total and that’s enough for you to have a great gaming time. This game is both simple and challenging. Kids can play this game as well and adults will have fun with it.

You can’t find anything boring here for sure and you can enjoy such an amazing experience in many games here such as Parkour Block 3D and Among Stacky Runner.

How to play: Right/left arrow keys or AD to move and up arrow key or W to jump.

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