Among Stacky Runner GamePlay:

Simple but hard to master, that's what you can think about Among Stacky Runner. This kind of gameplay can make you give up after a few seconds or keep you hooked. If you like conquering challenges, let’s challenge yourself in this game. On Y8 games unblocked, your ultimate goal is to run through all obstacles from the start point to the finish point.

To pass those obstacles, you have to collect all yellow blocks to build something you can call stairs or ladders. However, the key point is that you have to collect enough yellow blocks and build each ladder at the right time. Because your character auto-runs forward, timing is important. If you start building too soon, you will wait for yellow blocks and you may lack yellow blocks to pass the next obstacle. If you start building too late, you will hit the obstacle.

At https://y8y8y8.games/, pay attention to take action at the right moment to keep your life safe. Yes, if you hit any of those obstacles, your character will explode and that is not what you want for sure. The more blocks you can save, the more point you can earn at the end of each level. There is a score stair where you can double your score or more if you have enough blocks to reach that level. So during the adventure to the finish line, just use enough blocks to pass each overcome and save blocks for the last.

Of course, the game becomes much more challenging as you level up like every game out there. Then prepare yourself and climb to the top. After this game, don’t forget to explore more amazing choices such as Parkour Block 3D and Blob Runner 3D.

Controls: Tap or click to build stairs.

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