Steve Go Kart Portal GamePlay:

Steve Go Kart Portal is a fun kart driving game where you will make friends with Steve the blocky guy in the blocky world. Here at y8games unblocked, you guys will have a driving journey on a super-kart and your main goal is to help him go through a variety of bombs and obstacles. The kart automatically drives ahead and your job is to make it stop to avoid obstacles or jump over them. As long as you reach the portal, a level is clear.

Watch out for everything around you. You may fall into lava, get shot by an archer, get caught by a spider, be killed by a bomb or get hit by a slob, and so on. You have to avoid all of them because you don’t have any weapons to deal with them or a shield to protect you from their attack. The only way to keep yourself safe is to avoid interacting with all kinds of obstacles and enemies. Otherwise, you have to start the fail level once again.

At https://y8y8y8.games/, you can find so many games about Steve. He is a good builder, crafter, and hunter. And he is also a great driver but with your lead. With your help, Steve will have the safest and greatest driving journey ever. He won't need to worry about bombs or any threats along the way. He can drive straight from the starting point to the portal and safely move to the next level.

Enjoy your driving time with Steve and if you want to meet Stave more, you can go to the Minecraft world. And now, it’s a great time to enjoy other games as fun as this one such as Rabbids Volcano Panic and Hexoboy.

Controls: A to stop and W to jump.